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Marley MK2 is a high-performance audiophile headphone amp and preamp

Marley MK2 is a high-performance audiophile headphone amp and preamp

$ 2,199.00 

The Marley MK2 is a high-performance headphones amplifier with literally all you need for a first-class headphone(s) listening.

Its discrete components, low-noise design with FET input delivers crystal-clear power to every kind of headphones. The totally silent background, even with the most sensitive headphones, is granted by an ultra-low noise dual regulator.
Up to 10Vrms max output voltage (20Vrms at the balanced output) allow every headphones model to give its best. The Marley MK2 is very versatile: apart accepting both single-ended and balanced sources, it is provided with a 3-band tone control to allow user to tailor its frequency response to the headphones-ear one. The tone control can be disabled.  As well, old stereo recordings (affected by the so-called “ping pong effect” caused by excessive channel separation) can be enjoyed by enabling the cross-feed circuit.

Perfect match with every type of headphone is achieved by selecting the output impedance between Lo-Z, 10 OHms and 47 Ohms. A tape output and a preamp output (doubling the single-ended output on RCA connectors on the back panel) allow to use the Marley MK2 as a true preamplifier.

The Marley MK2 can be operated by the front panel controls, by the IR remote control and by an app (available for both iOS and Android) via Bluetooth Low Energy.