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M2TECH - (USA SALES ONLY if no local dealer is active). Advanced High-Resolution PC audio systems and streaming devices. Phono stage preamps, digital to analog converters, power amps and A/D conversion. Word clock, USB/SPDIF adapters and ultra-low noise power supplies. All M2Tech products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

About Us

Note: This site is for USA sales only if a local USA dealer cannot be found.

M2Tech is an award winning consumer electronics manufacturer enabling computer audio playback, digital to analog and analog to digital conversion, dual drive Class A headphone amplification, advanced data clocking, phono-stage amplification, system pre-amplification, power amplifiers, low noise power supplies and advanced USB to S/PDIF signal converters. Note: For sales in Canada contact: ASONA Ltd. richard.k@asonaltd.com Phone: (905) 947-9229

M2Tech pioneered high resolution PC audio playback with the innovative USB/SPDIF "Hi Face" adaptor and the Hi Face USB to SPDIF 24-192 DAC with line out plus mini amp.

M2Tech continues to evolve with the new Young MK3 and MK4, MQA DSD/PCM DAC/Pre-amps, Van der Graff MK2, C1 amplifier and N1 phono-stage. The EVO2 Series includes DACs, clocking, low noise power supplies and AD and DA conversion plus phono-stage. To see more information at the factory home page in Italy, please visit: www.m2tech.biz/it/index_it.html