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M2Tech - Advancing High Resolution PC Audio Systems. All M2Tech specialty products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

M2Tech P1 - ("Nash"), High-resolution Class D audiophile amplifer.

M2Tech P1 - ("Nash"), High-resolution Class D audiophile amplifer.

$ 1,299.00 

M2Tech P1 Balanced/Bridgeable 120-watt Stereo Power Amplifier

Audiophile grade 60Wpc (stereo, 8 Ohms), 110Wpc(stereo, 4 Ohms),                 180W (bridged, 8 Ohms).

  • The perfect companion for the M2YMK3 DAC, MQA Pre-amp. The P1 is a versatile high efficiency class-D stereo power amplifier which does for a perfect pair with the M2YMK3, both in size and sound.
  • Its clean power is enough for most speakers, while its drive capability can be improved by setting it in bridge mode. In this case, the P1vbecomes a powerful mono amplifier; two P1s in bridge mode can drive virtually every speaker, be it an array of dynamic drivers or an electrostatic panel.
  • Of course, the P1 can be attached to any pre-amplifier, not only to the M2YMK3. It is provided with both single-ended and balanced inputs, plus trigger input/pass-through. Thanks to its class-D design, it is virtually impossible to destroy, all overload situations are reported on the front panel.
  •  P1works great together with…M2YMK3…to drive your speakers with clean power.
  • Inputs: single-ended (RCA) balanced (XLR) trigger (3.5mm jack) Outputs: speakers (posts) trigger pass-through (jack 3.5mm) Sensitivity: 1.25Vrms 5V (trigger) Input impedance: 47 kOhms (single-ended) 20 kOhms (balanced) Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 115dBA (stereo) 118dBA (bridged) THD+N: 0.005% @ 60Wpc out on 8 Ohms Output Power Before Clipping: 60Wpc (stereo, 8 Ohms) 110Wpc (stereo, 4 Ohms) 180W (bridged, 8 Ohms) Supply voltage: 100-130VAC or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz