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M2TECH - (USA SALES ONLY if no local dealer is active). Advanced High-Resolution PC audio systems and streaming devices. Phono stage preamps, digital to analog converters, power amps and A/D conversion. Word clock, USB/SPDIF adapters and ultra-low noise power supplies. All M2Tech products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

USA Sales Only.  M2Tech A1 Amp.  ("Crosby").   2 channel and mono-block amplifier. NEW.

USA Sales Only. M2Tech A1 Amp. ("Crosby"). 2 channel and mono-block amplifier. NEW.

$ 1,199.00 

 The A1 ("Crosby"), is a versatile high efficiency class-D stereo power amplifier which matches well with the Young MkIII, both in size and sound. Its clean power is enough for most speakers, while its drive capability can be improved by setting it in bridge mode. In this case, the Crosby becomes a powerful mono-block amplifier; two amps in bridge mode can drive virtually every speaker, be it an array of dynamic drivers or an electrostatic panel. The A1 can be attached to most preamplifiers, not only to the Young MK3. The new A1 is provided with both single-ended and balanced inputs, plus trigger input and pass-through. Thanks to its proprietary class-D design, it is virtually impossible to destroy, all overload situations are reported on the front panel prior to reset.


single-ended (RCA)
balanced (XLR)
trigger (3.5mm jack)


speakers (posts)
trigger pass-through (jack 3.5mm)


5V (trigger)

Input impedance:

47 kOhms (single-ended)
20 kOhms (balanced)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

115dBA (stereo)
118dBA (bridged)


0.005% @ 60Wpc out on 8 Ohms

Output Power Before Clipping:

60Wpc min. (stereo, 8 Ohms)
110Wpc min. (stereo, 4 Ohms)
180W min.


(bridged, 8 Ohms)

Supply voltage:

100-130VAC or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

615W (440Wpc on 4 Ohms mono)
1.5W (standby)


200x200x50mm (wxdxh)


net 3kg (including ancillaries)
gross 3.5kg